What extra charges do I get now that UK has left the EU?

We charge you with shipping and handling costs, which increased due to extra formalities that need to be fulfilled to be able to ship to the UK. In addition, UK customs will charge you with import duties and VAT. 

We are not affiliated with Customs and therefore do not have any influence in their procedures. Once your order is dispatched, you will be receiving an email from Customs via TransGlobal directly regarding import VAT and customs entry duties. Once you've settled their payment, your order will proceed with delivery through DHL. 

How are deliveries to Northern Ireland handled?

Currently, DHL Parcel is unable to properly arrange delivery to Northern Ireland. DHL does not have a proper transit solution in place yet. Should you have your delivery address in Northern Ireland, note it is not possible to deliver your order until further notice. 

How does Brexit affect the delivery time of my order?

To ensure a swift and timely dispatch from our end, a valid VAT number must be added to all orders with delivery to the UK. Only then it is possible for us to send your order within the same day.

All orders are sent via DHL. With all the changes due to Brexit and the consequences of customs formalities, delivery times are inevitably longer than usual. We cannot influence the speed of transport and the clearance from customs. We are in high hopes that delivery times will soon be more reasonable and predictable as these new procedures become more accustomed. 

Shipping to non-VAT businesses / individual customers is currently not possible. It is mandatory for Zolemba to have a UK VAT number for generating proper customs documentation to the UK. We are in the process of obtaining our own UK VAT number, however, this does take some time. For business customers, we, therefore, emphasize a VAT number to always be added to your Zolemba account/order.

Why are the shipping costs much higher than before? 

On top of the shipping costs, we are obligated to place an extra handling fee of €13.65 (exchange rates apply) for handling all custom formalities. This fee is being charged on us by our logistics partner DHL. Due to the UK leaving the EU both DHL and Zolemba need to fulfill more customs formalities than before – and this causes extra costs. 


Why are you charging this fee while other suppliers are not? 

At Zolemba, we believe in fair and transparent pricing. We decided to charge the fee we incur on top of the shipping costs. It could very well be that other suppliers process this fee into the product prices up front. We cannot see through their pricing strategy; however, it is certain that they (at least when they have DHL as their logistic partner) also have this extra fee. The fee is an obligatory outcome of UK leaving the EU, which causes extra handling for each shipment. We choose to be open and transparent to explain what costs are charged extra on us, since UK has left the EU. 


Why are you no longer charging VAT? 

Due to UK leaving the EU it is more practical to handle all VAT settlements in the country itself. We decided to send your orders via DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid), nowadays this is also known as DAP (Delivered at Place). This means that all customs duties and import VAT will be charged to you by the UK customs directly. If you want to reclaim VAT, it is mandatory for you to add your VAT number onto your account when ordering at Zolemba. 


I do not have a VAT number, what is going to happen with my order? 

At this moment we cannot send orders to private (non-VAT) customers. This is an administrative issue that we are working on. As soon as this is settled, we will send your orders. Please be aware that VAT will be charged by UK customs, and that you will not be able to reclaim the VAT when you do not have a VAT number. 


How do I return my order when I have a complaint? 

The process remains the same as prior, you can contact our service department to arrange a return of the items with DHL. Note: it may take longer before we receive your products, due to customs formalities, and in turn resulting to a possible longer processing time before we can handle your return and/or complaint. 


Will Zolemba continue their business with UK, with all these changes? 

Absolutely, we are fond of our UK customers! We are redefining our processes, but we are certain that this will become a standard practice and business proceed as usual. Wherever we can take steps to simplify procedures, rest assured, we will not hesitate to do so. Let's stick together!