The file is ready to print when it meets the following requirements:

  • (1) Format: The format(size) of the artboard area corresponds to the size that was ordered.
  • (2) Bleed: There is a 2mm bleed around the entire file (= artboard).
  • (3) Colors: The file is formatted in 'CMYK' colors.
  • (4) Cut Line: There is a proper cut line present in the file.
  • (5) Text: The text is in letter contours and is larger than 1.32mm.
  • (6) File Type: All models/designs are saved correctly and separately.
  • (7) Quality: All images are at least 300 DPI.

If the file contains a barcode:

  • (8) Barcode: The barcode meets our quality requirements (see barcode specifications).

In the case of materials of transparent, fluorine, gold, or silver, the following specifications are important:

  •  (9) White Ink: There is a white ink underprint under all colors that may not become/left as transparent, fluorine, gold, or silver.
  • (10) Overprint: All colors that are not transparent, fluorine, gold, or silver materials are set on 'Overprint fill'.