What format should the file be?

The file format must match the format of what was ordered. The file also requires having a 2mm bleed. 

How to: When you create a new file in Illustrator or InDesign, enter the desired width and height in millimeters. Note: the size entered must be the size of the label that is ordered.  Enter the file format. Apply bleed to the file; this should be 2mm. 

For more information about 'Bleed', see Step 2.


To check if your file has the correct format you can do the following steps:

  • Choose Window > Artboard.
  • Click on the A4 icon next to the name of the artboard.
  • A tab will now open.
  • Do the width and height correspond to the ordered format? If yes, click on “OK”. If not, change the format accordingly.


  • Type in Shift+O.
  •  Does the format displayed at the top right correspond to the size ordered?