Why is there VAT added to my order?

Through our registered UK VAT number, the value-added tax is implemented on sales of goods.

How does Brexit affect the delivery time of my order?
  • White Labels
    • If you are ordering a standard label product from our website, this is typically our white label stock, your order will be dispatched from our warehouse in the UK. Delivery within the UK is 1 business day via Royal Mail or UPS.  
  • Bulk/Special-offered/Custom label products:
    • All shipments to the UK from our location in the Netherlands will be sent with the incoterm DDP via DHL. 

Shipping Costs

  • White Labels 
    • Depending on the weight of your order, we will either ship with RoyalMail or UPS. Shipping within the UK is £9.99. 
  • Bulk/Special-offered/Custom label products: 
    • Should your order be dispatched from our HQ in the Netherlands, shipping and handling fees are added. Shipping from our location in the Netherlands is €23.84. 


What happens if I do not have a VAT number?

Specifically for bulk/special-offered/bespoke label products, should you not have a VAT number, we are able to utilize our UK VAT number towards your customs forms. Import VAT charges will still be issued to you during the transit of your goods.